Version 1.7.1 Build #17

Change Log

Version 1.7.1

  • FIX: error on fresh install while set variables in templates
  • FIX: the poll questions in polloverview (in pollmanager) are now escaped
  • FIX: language-strings in ACP-settings for "undo vote" function
  • NEW: the first edit-option is included. Now you can edit the polloptions. In the next updates i'll include all other fields. Note: This is only a first release of the edit-function.
  • NEW: behind the votebar is now a sign which options you have voted
  • NEW: delete or anonymize pollvotes on userdeletion (like your choice on delete-process)
  • NEW: if you have the permissions you can start the pollmanager directly without post edit-mode
  • NEW: in ACP you can enter a hex-code (without #) for change the resultbar color in poll results
  • IMPROVEMENT: all permissions in pollmanager are now better and stronger as before. The plugin checks now not only the post-permissions, forum-permissions are included in all checks
  • IMPROVEMENT: the last voting time will be saved
  • IMPROVEMENT: on every vote the new function will rebuild the vote counter for the poll
  • IMPROVEMENT: no linebreak after pollbar in the poll results
  • IMPROVEMENT: if you create new polls on exist post the polls will be visite direct (no post save required)
  • IMPROVEMENT: some (html) fixes in some templates

Update from 1.5.4 and newer
Please overwrite all files from the downloaded .zip-file. Deactive and activate the Plugin (after file upload) then in the Admin-CP.

Update from 1.5.3 and lower
Please deactivate the plugin first, overwrite then all files and actative the plugin again. Check your Plugin settings after successful update.

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2021-01-11, 08:05 PM
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