Version 1.7.2 Build #18

Change Log

Version 1.7.2

  • FIX: the language variable for save on poll edit wasn't correct -> now there is a right text
  • FIX: the tables on result windows is now left binded (before default valure from body-css)
  • FIX: critical fix on update workflow. Please contact me via message if one of the last updates is crashed and you need help to repair the database or plugin
  • NEW: the votesign (little check) is now visible if you have voted and the result are hidden. So ist's possible to see every time what options you have voted
  • NEW: next to the number of saved votes you can see how much users has voted
  • NEW: Now the time when your votes are saved will be visible directly in the pollbox
  • NEW: Now it's possible to reset pollvotes, so all votes will be deleted and resetet (can be disabled in ACP)
  • IMPROVEMENT: next to the "open pollmanager" link are now the number of exist polls in the post visible
  • IMPROVEMENT: The button to save / reset votes is invisible on result window -> the post function to enter or reset votes need the postbit
  • IMPROVEMENT: some improvements on timestamp form parser for the full edit function
  • IMPROVEMENT: If the admin disable the function to undo votes, the poll creators get an note while create new polls, that they can't use the function
  • IMPROVEMENT: some (html) fixes in some templates

Update from 1.5.4 and newer
Please overwrite all files from the downloaded .zip-file. Deactive and activate the Plugin (after file upload) then in the Admin-CP.

Update from 1.5.3 and lower
Please deactivate the plugin first, overwrite then all files and actative the plugin again. Check your Plugin settings after successful update.

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2021-01-26, 08:42 PM
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