Version 1.6.1 Build #15

Change Log

Version 1.6.1

  • FIX: The start and endtime uses now the correct timezone and timezone-offset settings
  • FIX: If a poll has a voteend, the button to save the users choice has shown a false value
  • NEW: New template update function implemented to update the included templates better
  • NEW: the upper right corner shows now the pollid
  • NEW: in creation workflow, now there are described how much options allowed to add to a poll
  • NEW: Now it is possible to undo the own voting. Admins can disable the function in admincp, pollcreators must enable the function on every poll (if admin doesn't disable it global). Undo voting is only possible while a poll is runnig. If a poll reaches the enddate, undo voting isn't allowed after that time.
  • IMPROVE: new function to rebuild the pollvotes
  • IMPROVE: options like "delete poll" are now an Dreop-Down menu in the pollmanager
  • IMPROVE: delete unneeded database fields from earlier versions

Update from 1.5.4 and newer
Please overwrite all files from the downloaded .zip-file. Deactive and Activate the Plugin then in the Admin-CP.

Update from 1.5.3 and lower
Please deactivate the plugin first, overwrite then all files and actative the plugin again. Check your Plugin settings after successful update.

In the next days i'll release a first version with a "light" edit-function.

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2021-01-04, 07:51 PM
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