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  • Edited the port check functionality with an option to skip the port check and install the plugin even if the port check fails. Admins should be aware that using the plugin without having port 443 open on their servers will NOT harm their boards but it won't actually work.
  • Patched the redirection bug which brought the user to Facebook once they log in for their first time instead of the actual site. This fix should also bring back to the page the user was watching before logging in more precisely compared to the past. (thank you @Ronshaan, @andrewjs18 for spotting this).
  • Added a new bug report manager in the settings panel of the plugin. It will show up just in case the plugin generates an error during its operations. As an admin, you can delete the reports or export them as .xml files: these will contain the full bug report, including the error code, line, file, dateline, message and stack trace. All these informations are aimed to accelerate the debug process when reporting any bugs you encounter with the plugin, and you will be asked to upload the bug report when asking for support.

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2015-09-20, 10:33 AM
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