Version 1.13 Build #3

Change Log

Update #2, Build #3  (Version 1.13):

 ›  Fixes & Adjustments:

  •  Slightly reworked the postbit author_statistics look of both post modes.
  •  The look of the pollbar does now match the look of the Flatty Theme.
  •  Improved the look of the Portal Page (just slightly).
  •  Added some icons which were still missing.
  •  Added some additional icons to various places like profile page and forumdisplay.
  •  Added "Total Threads" to the "Board Statistics-Box".
  •  This patch should've fixed the postbit, buddy list, profile page & member list avatars not being 100% rounded.
  •  Fixed wrong links in the header section.
  •  Fixed some broken links of a couple of images.
  •  Made the newest member username in the "Board Statistics-Box" clickable (it will now redirect you to the users profile).
  •  Pagination Menu fix/adjustment.
  •  Did some general popup_menu adustments.
  •  Updated/Improved the look of the footer slightly.
  •  Edited/Changed the code/script for the sticky panel (the manual adjustment of "margin" is no longer required).
  •  Re-aligned the Sub-Forum area.
  •  Build #3 does now support the DVZ Shoutbox.
  •  And a lot of other minor adjustments as well as mini fixes which are not worth mentioning in my opinion.
 ›  Miscellaneous (Addition):
  •  I have completely re-designed and updated as well as improved the documentation!

Big thanks to @Eldenroot who has reported a lot of the "things" which are listed above (also reported a lot that isn't listed).

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