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Shows a bars on postbit with some creteria based on registered date and your reputation and post count

9 Stars 2,418 Downloads 2021-04-21, 12:39 AM

Shows the users that has been online within 24 hours

21 Stars 4,976 Downloads 2021-03-01, 06:08 PM

Display user formated name and avatar on your forums with a customized popup and style.

69 Stars 35,906 Downloads 2021-02-01, 02:37 PM

Allow you to use spoiler codebutton on editor for your forums.

15 Stars 5,829 Downloads 2021-01-28, 10:18 AM

Verify if a thread has newposts when you are replying

1 Star 105 Downloads 2021-01-19, 03:08 AM

Add a fully thankyou system to MyBB. Add thanks button to postbit and a counter and more things, hide until thanks improvement working with AJAX

30 Stars 11,396 Downloads 2020-04-29, 10:32 PM

Let users to use imgur to upload new images in your editor, adding button to sceditor...

10 Stars 1,048 Download 2019-08-31, 02:41 AM

Allows you to use announcements for usergroups, like official community.

18 Stars 2,985 Downloads 2018-09-23, 10:43 PM

A darkness bassed default theme.

2 Stars 1,267 Download 2018-07-14, 11:03 PM

Tableless, responsive, multicolor, html5 AIO.

2 Stars 874 Downloads 2018-08-15, 04:00 PM

This plugin allows you to add emotions to your posts in a nice way.

4 Stars 697 Downloads 2018-05-26, 07:32 PM

Shows thread icons and thread prefixes on index page

13 Stars 2,713 Downloads 2017-12-31, 07:05 AM

Allows you te redirect to new users to another url besides normal one, by default to help documentation, but you can set your own url.

6 Stars 544 Downloads 2017-12-31, 07:09 AM

Shows a nice and customizable pop up for guests in your forums

6 Stars 1,361 Download 2017-12-22, 10:34 AM

Diablo 3 updated skin theme

0 Stars 340 Downloads 2020-08-11, 06:44 PM