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Destroy666's Projects

Automatically sets the URL of the currently viewed post and optionally highlights it.

2 Stars 204 Downloads 2016-03-26, 05:26 PM

Helps with finding and cleaning faulty PHP files that have BOM or redundant whitespace and may cause MyBB problems such as broken captcha image.

5 Stars 576 Downloads 2015-12-28, 12:34 AM

Sets forum language based on the HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE header sent by the browser if no language is chosen by the user.

0 Stars 135 Downloads 2015-12-26, 08:17 PM

Displays moderation actions sorted by date in posts/announcements/profiles/User CP (github-like).

3 Stars 410 Downloads 2015-04-03, 12:45 PM

Displays additional group images in postbit/memberlist/profile by using a "carousel" JS.

3 Stars 1,771 Download 2015-03-27, 10:51 PM

Stores every new IPs as an IP specified in a setting. Also makes it possible to convert all current IPs to it.

1 Star 414 Downloads 2015-02-08, 04:08 PM

Allows users to change their nickname styling in the User CP (based on group permissions).

6 Stars 2,322 Downloads 2015-01-24, 09:07 PM

Displays the selected thread icon in showthread.php and two other related pages - printthread.php and newreply.php.

4 Stars 505 Downloads 2015-01-18, 04:36 PM