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Darth Apple's Projects

Allows you to manage announcements in your forum's header area. By default, this plugin uses the same style for announcements that is used on the MyBB support forum.

40 Stars 12,964 Downloads 2020-10-22, 05:58 AM

Displays latest visitors and visit count on user profiles.

8 Stars 2,693 Downloads 2014-11-28, 02:25 AM

Enables MyBB to display all usergroup images on the postbit and profile.

18 Stars 6,607 Downloads 2014-11-28, 02:29 AM

Displays ban reasons and expiration dates publicly on the user's profile and postbit.

4 Stars 1,585 Download 2014-09-18, 06:43 PM

Automatically resolves authorization mismatch errors on older MyBB themes.

4 Stars 307 Downloads 2020-10-26, 01:53 AM

Displays average content ratings on user profiles.

1 Star 43 Downloads 2020-10-22, 05:51 AM

Displays a simple reputation bar on posts and user profiles.

0 Stars 137 Downloads 2021-02-07, 07:53 PM