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Flobo x3's Projects

Adds some advanced information into the adminoptions on a users profile

13 Stars 2,398 Downloads 2019-11-01, 11:34 PM

This plugin adds the capability to show a steam game widget into your boards posts.

5 Stars 443 Downloads 2019-11-05, 08:37 PM

Adding the possibility of extended syntax highlighting to your board.

3 Stars 532 Downloads 2019-08-18, 11:45 PM

Add a page to your board where users can view which cookies are stored

2 Stars 435 Downloads 2019-08-18, 11:47 PM

Adds a beautiful firework to your board.

4 Stars 1,343 Download 2019-08-18, 11:47 PM

Records all referers that are sent along to your board in the header

4 Stars 994 Downloads 2019-08-18, 11:43 PM

This plugin adds a list of the best reputated users to your forum.

4 Stars 1,205 Download 2019-08-18, 11:46 PM