DVZ Shoutbox modified core

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Lightweight AJAX chat, modified by Rainbow Fresh.

Project Details

Modified version of "Devilshakerz" original "DVZ Shoutbox" plugin - a lightweight AJAX-based chat for your MyBB forum.

You can download the newest version here:
DVZ Shoutbox modified.zip (V1.0.0)

Core features:
  • Smileys and MyCode parsing
  • Away mode (turns off autorefreshing when user is inactive for a specified period of time)
  • Antiflood control
  • Minimum forum posts to shout
  • Blocking specified users from shouting
  • Advanced group permissions system (to view, shout, auto-refresh, moderate, moderate own messages)
  • Lazy load
  • Archive mode with moderation panel (banned users, shouts pruning) and IP information
  • Auto-synchronization of edited & deleted messages
  • Unread messages tracking
Modified features:
  • Private messaging
    Write a message directly to a specific user, that only the sender and the reciever can see.
    Privacy included even in the Mod-CP! (except for the reported message itself, of course...)
  • Private archive
    An alternate mode for the shoutbox archive, so your secret chit-chatting won't get lost in the spam of smileys the others are producing!
    View all pvt's from you or for you - and only them - in the archive.
  • Reporting shouts
    Everyone who can shout can report shoutbox posts.
    These reports go into the standard MyBB moderator reports system. (Can be enhanced with the DVZ reports addon.)
  • Additional settings:
    • Soft delete
      Choose whether deleted shoutbox post are really deleted - or just made invisible.
    • Soft clear
      Choose whether clearing the shoutbox deletes the posts - or just makes them invisible.
    • Restore permissions
      Choose which usergroups (of those allready having shoutbox moderation permission) are allowed to see and restore soft deleted posts.
  • Addon compatible
    Possibility to hook in other neat addition addons of me for more cool features!
Languages "english" and "german" supported.

A MyBB Forum version 1.8.*, in the best case version 1.8.11
PHP Version 5.4 or higher should be running.

The plugin's .zip has 5 files/folders - "inc", "jscripts", "CSS.txt.", "CHANGELOG.txt" and "README.txt" (which contains everything important listed here again.)

Just like with every other plugin, copy the folders "jscripts" and "inc" into your MyBB root folder, the files will go automatically there where they are needed.

Then copy the contents of the "CSS.txt" file into your theme's "global.css".

Install it via the ACP and enjoy!

All information regarding updating from an older build of this plugin or how to upgrade from the original DVZ Shoutbox without loosing anything are always in the "README.txt" of the newest build.

I will put a link to every official addon expanding the features of this modified shoutbox version even more here.
Rainbow Fresh
2017-05-21, 01:47 PM
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2017-05-24, 09:54 AM
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