DVZ Shoutbox modified reports

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Reporting and moderation addon for the modified DVZ Shoutbox.

Project Details

Addon for my modified version of "Devilshakerz" DVZ Shoutbox. You need to have that modified version installed in order for this addon to run properly.

You can download the newest version here:
DVZ Reports.zip (V1.0.0)

  • Advanced reporting
    Shoutbox reports go into a new database table and not into normal moderator reports.
    One moderator can "take" a report to show other moderators he is allready looking into it.
    More detailed information about the reported content and users.
  • Advanced shoutbox banning
    Instead of simply writing a list of banned user-ids moderators can now ban user from using the shoutbox with a reason and for a specific duration.
    After that given time the user will automatically be unbanned by the system.
    The bans are stored in a new database table and can be reviewed and cancelled via the Mod-CP.
  • Settings
    The administrator can determine whether they want to use the advanced banning system or just the reporting system.
    Furthermore they can set usergroups (out of which can view the Mod-CP and shoutbox moderating thing in the first place) which are allowed to view the
    IP a user had on reporting someone.
    And last but not least they can turn the global "new shout report" notification on and off.

Languages "english" and "german" supported.

You need to have the DVZ Shoutbox plugin installed in order to be able to successfully install this addon.
However, this plugin won't do much if you don't have the right, pre modified version of the original plugin, since it's missing hooks and functions.
You can get the latest compatible version of the DVZ shoutbox plugin >> here <<.

The plugin's .zip has 4 files/folders - "inc", "CSS.txt.", "CHANGELOG.txt" and "README.txt" (which contains everything important listed here again.)

Nothing special. Just like every plugin. Copy the folder "inc" into your MyBB root folder, the files will put themself there where they belong.

Then copy the content of "CSS.txt" in your theme's "global.css", install the plugin via the ACP and enjoy!

All information regarding updating from an older build of this plugin without loosing anything are always in the "README.txt" of the newest build.

If you want to suggest new features, please do so in the suggestion tracker of the core plugin and I'll look wether it fits into one of the existing plugins or if I'll create a new one for it. If you are completely sure your suggestion goes into this plugin anyway you can of course share it in the support thread.
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