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Postbit interface to allow admins to create impartial dice rolls.

Project Details

# postbit-dice
Postbit interface for triggering simple randomized dice rolls.

### Pre-Installation
postbit-dice makes use of a hardcoded user with uid 999999999. If this user id isn't available, installation will fail or cause unintended behavior.  
The user and post creation makes SQL queries to the builtin _posts and _users tables. If other plugins make additional fields to these tables without well defined defaults, postbit-dice may create 'broken' posts/user accounts/tables.  
Attempt installation with existing plugins in a test environment beforehand.  

### Installation
Copy the files into the root of the MyBB installation. This should merge the contents of the inc/plugin folder with the existing one.  
The plugin should appear in the MyBB plugin manager in the Admin CP as 'Postbit Dice'. Select the 'Install & Activate' option.  

### Usage
After installation, each post will have a 'Roll Dice' option for admins to the left of the 'Edit' button. The button will trigger a pop-over window similar to the default report button with three fields:  
- # of rolls => Number of times to roll the dice.  
- Lower bound/Upper bound => INCLUSIVE Range of values to return on the dice roll.

On submission, the thread will be replied to with the resulting random values.  
Currently, only users with admin permissions can see the results of and trigger dice rolls.

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