Discord Webhooks for MyBB

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Push info about new threads and posts to Discord using webhooks

Project Details

Discord Webhook for MyBB

This plugin allows you to send information about new threads and new posts to your Discord channel using Webhooks. You are also able to push information about new users registrations.

  • Sending information about new users registrations, new threads and new posts on forum to discord using webhooks,
  • Many (too many?) customization options for info messages - you can send Info message, rich message, compilation of these two's, use username as discord bot name, etc. etc.
  • Use different webhooks for sending information about new posts, threads or registrations,
  • Creating own parametrized info messages,
  • Filtering what to send to discord webhook by: selected and ignored boards, selected and ignored usergroups, thread prefixes, enabled/disabled options for thread, posts and user registrations
  • Copy all folders and files from inc folder into MyBB inc directory.
  • In your forum's ACP Panel go to plugins section and install Discord Webhooks for MyBB plugin
  • Go to your Discord channels settings page to grnerate Webhook URL endpoint
  • Copy generated URL to clipboard
  • In your forum'S ACP config section (plugin settings) select "Discord Webhooks for MyBB" and paste webhooks url into "Discord Webhooks URL" field
  • In this section you also need to specify which forum threads and posts are being sent to the Discord Webhook
After you save these settings, you should see new threads and posts from selected forums on your Discord channel

You can also download multi-instance version of this plugin from GitHub project page (https://github.com/ryczypior/discord-webhook-for-mybb) which allows you to use another settings and different discord webhooks.

  • MyBB 1.8+
  • curl - for HTTP requests to Discord
  • Multibyte String (mb_* string) for multibyte string manipulation
GitHub: https://github.com/ryczypior/discord-webhook-for-mybb