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New threads is a simple plugin that lets you display new forum threads by users on index.

Project Details

- New Threads
- Newthreads is a simple plugin for mybb that displays new forum threads on your index page. It was created to act as a simple alternative to the recentthreads plugin created by the mybb plugin developer - dragonexpert.
- You have the ability to customize the threads layout in your template, all you need is to look for "NewThreads (NT) Templates" then you click and edit to your taste.
- Incase the newthreads are not displayed automatically on your index add {$newthreads} where you wish for newthreads to be shown on index.

- Requirements
- [MyBB -]

- Features
- Ability to display newthreads on index.
- Ability to set how many threads to display on index.
- Ability to choose the criteria which threads are listed.
- Ability to set threads display format.
- Ability to choose group not allowed to see newthreads on index.
- Ability to show thread author avatar or lasposter avatar beside each thread.
- Ability to set newthreads reload time.
- Ability to choose forum new threads are not gotten from.
- Threads are displayed just like portal latest threads with extra's .
- More features in plugin settings.

- Installation
- Upload the content of the plugin "zip file" to your MyBB root folders.
- Goto ACP => Configuration => Plugins to ( install & activate ) the plugin.
- Goto Configuration => Settings => New Threads (NT) - to edit plugin settings.

- Support
- Please visit [NcgForum -] For Premium Support. Free Support May Be Received In The [MyBB Community -]

- Thank You!
- Thanks for downloading and using my plugin, I really appreciate it!


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