Open Graph Metas

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A very primitive MyBB plugin for showing Open Graph metas for various forum modules.

Project Details

The plugin will enable forums/threads/etc. pages to show Open Graph metas for social websites integration, eg. Facebook, Discord, etc.

Upgrade Notice:
  • 0.x branch will only receive bug fixes and won't get feature updates. Plugin configuring in 0.x branch is limited which requires manual editing in the plugin file: ./inc/plugins/open_graph_metas.php. If you don't know how the plugin works, better leave all configurations as default, it'll just work.
  • Instead of manual file editing for plugin configuring, next major updates (1.x) will make plugin configurable at AdminCP.
  • Development builds for this plugin (version no. with v prefixed) tend to get changed before stable releases (version no. without v prefixed). Please use with caution that folder structure may change during version upgrades.

  • Output Open Graph metas for forum modules. Read the Open Graph protocol:
  • No template editing requires.
  • Search-engine-friendly-URLs-aware og:url.
  • Customizable fallback description for og:description, now via file editing.
  • Customizable fallback image for og:image, now via file editing.
  • Customizable og:image for threads/posts, now via file editing.
  • Supported modules:
    • Forums
    • Threads (linear view mode)
    • Posts (threaded view mode)
    • Member profiles
    • ... more will come!
  • Partially supported modules:
    • Help page
    • Member list
    • Portal
    • Search
    • Calendar
    • ... more will come!

  • MyBB 1.8.x

  1. Download & unzip.
  2. Upload files under Upload/ folder, please maintain the folder structure.
  3. Turn to MyBB's AdminCP > Configuration > Plugins, find Open Graph Metas and activate it.

Uninstall & Removal:
  1. Turn to MyBB's AdminCP > Configuration > Plugins, find Open Graph Metas and deactivate it.
  2. Remove file ./inc/plugins/open_graph_metas.php from your server.

Suggestions & Bug report (either is OK):
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