Default theme with more contrast, mobile friendly

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Default theme but more contrast, mobile friendly, spacing between posts; free of banners etc

Project Details

The previous project from gergang with pid=1466 has been discontinued, (user account verification impossible, I cannot even edit the description)

This theme stays close to the standard layout, but with more contrast, mobile friendly, the image layout in posts was fixed, and colors and font size can be customized with easy to change variables (see readme). The download contains some predefined color schemes like those in the preview.

The theme is free of banners, bitcoin account information, additional copyright statements etc.

Keeping the standard layout, the available space per column is limited on small displays. Workaround for long category names: Split with white spaces, word breaks or dashes:

Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottori  ->
  • Lentokone Suihkuturbiini Moottori
  • Lentokone<wbr>suihkuturbiini<wbr>moottori
  • Lentokone-Suihkuturbiini-Moottori
Also long usernames (for instance email adresses) should be avoided.

To do
- Dark backgrounds, bright text
- Distinction between tablets and desktop screens

Version History

Changes in V.0.1.3
- max-width set  for image attachments 
- drop shadow around boxes less pronounced

Changes in V.0.1.1 / V.0.1.2
- Several small bugs fixed with display 
- Quick Reply table fixed
- User-CP on small devices: Some columns merged into one 

Changes in V.0.1.0
- User-CP screens: Scroll-x set to "auto" on small displays
- Bugfix with forum display
- No display of description, subforums and moderators on small displays (see readme on how to change)

Changes in V.0.0.9
- Bugfix with subforum display
- Bugfix with announcement display
- Portal: Separator table column removed from mobile view
- Portal: Announcements (right column) respect the 600px max-height for images inside posts.
- New variable: Base font size

Changes in V.0.0.8
- Images in post body set to max height of 600px.  
Changes in V.0.0.7
- Bug with logo rendering fixed. 
  Dimension set to 200px max-height. 

Changes in V.0.0.6 
- Mobiles below 480px width: Search result tables adjusted
- Some more color schemes added

Changes in V.0.0.5 
- Mobiles below 480px width: Reduced padding (tables)
- Bugfix: variables only allowed in lowercase
- Empty columns now completely removed
- Tables: The smaller the device the less padding

Changes in V.0.0.4 
Calendar: Larger Font-Size
Screens below 520px device-width:
- Calendar and extended search can now be scrolled horizontally
- Calendar week view: Additional small calendars are being suppressed
- Portal: Previews suppressed & larger character size

Changes in V.0.0.3:
Screens below 520px device-width:
- some columns now merge into one
- Rating column suppressed.

Changes in V.0.0.2:
Screens below 520px device-width:
- bulbs suppressed in first column (indicating new posts)

Changes in V.0.0.1:
Posts have now a spacing at the bottom and a box-shadow for better contrast.