Responsive Default MyBB

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The responsive version of MyBB's default theme with mobile friendly and with new look .

Project Details

Responsive version of MyBB's default theme.

features added :- 

  1. sidebar navigation menu in mobile version .
  2. added font icons as postbit icons in mobile version .
  3. dark/light switching option .
  4. background images appears in forumlist in index on hover.
  5. and many more.

i will try to improve the style and reduce the roughness of theme in next release.

notes:- please read notes.text carefully ( can be founded in the theme file )

for forum's background image you have to download forumbit images and the images should be uploaded in "public_html/images/forumbit/"

1. in forumbit folder you will see there are few bg(numbers).jpg files are saved.  Simply just you can replace any images with theme . but remember you have to renamed the image file with "bg(numbers).jpg" and  it's important to change the (numbers) with your forum id and images should be in "jpg" format. 

ex:- for in my 1st forum named "Discussion" what's link is "" you can see it's id is "2" , that's why i have saved a image named "bg2.jpg" .

for respective forum with their id you should renamed the images with bg(id number).jpg.

forumbit images can be downloaded from :-

download the folder from the attachment and unzip at the following path :-