Shortcake Editor - Light & Dark Themes

by Alan A 1 Star 228 Downloads

A sleek and modern SCEditor theme

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Shortcake Editor
   Light & Dark

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Shortcake is a clean and modern theme for the SCEditor UI.  I was inspired by the Roundo themes and wanted to make a beautiful editor to go along with them, but it works just as well with the default theme as shown below!

[Image: CPT2112042154-970x638.png]

[Image: CPT2112042156-1220x642.png]

How to Install:
  • Download and Unzip
  • Copy all folders directly into your myBB root directory
  • Go to the edit page for your theme and for the "Editor Style", select shortcake

Attribution please!  One simplest way would be to have an attributions area in your forum, give me credit by name and link back to this page.