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This plugin allows users to set a custom status which appears on index, profile and posts.

Project Details

This plugin is not officially supported by me anymore. We have closed our official website and do not provide support for any of our plugins. All premium plugins have been made available for free. Use at your own risk.

This plugin allows certain user groups to set a custom status from the user cp (or index) which is shown on the index page, profile and posts.

This plugin was known as Custom Online Status back in the MyBB 1.4 days and I decided to port it and change the way it works.

The POSTBIT feature is disabled by default, to enable it:
You can use {$post['custom_status']} anywhere in the postbit and postbit_classic templates - IT IS NOT EDITED BY DEFAULT.
{$post['custom_status_shortened']} is also available if you want to show only 10 characters followed by three dots. (this is useful if you don't want to break the design)
Example of usage: <a title="{$lang->custom_status_status} {$post['custom_status']}"><strong>{$post['custom_status_shortened']}</strong></a>

The SIDEBOX feature is disabled by default, to enable it:
Replace {$forums} with: (index template)
<table width="100%" border="0" align="center">
<td valign="top" width="70%">
<td valign="top" width="30%">

Don't forget to delete the existing {$custom_status_index}!


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2014-08-18, 07:07 PM
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