Public API

by GodLess101 4 Stars 195 Downloads

Plug and play RestAPI for your MyBB Board

Project Details

This plugin is currently in the development phase, and new features are being added regularly.

This plugin adds a RestAPI to your board so external clients can access information.

See Github Repository for more information!

- ✅ GET/POST: Authentication.php?:name [Requires API Key]

- ✅ GET: Users.php?:id

- ✅ GET: Users.php?:name

- ✅ GET: Threads.php?:id 

- ✅ GET: Threads.php?:page

- ✅ GET: Posts.php?:id 

- ✅ GET: Posts.php?:tid 

- ✅ GET: Posts.php?:fid