Duende v3 (Responsive)

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Duende V3 - Fully responsive, tons of improvements

Project Details

I forked the original Duende theme. Fully compatible again with MyBB v1.8.x With tons of fixes and improvements (including fully responsive)!

This is Duende version 3! Fully free and open-source under GPL license.

Duende v3 only comes in local edition nowadays.

With local edition we mean all the files are locally stored and we don't use any CDN anymore for storage.

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Demo site

Visit: https://mybbdemo.melroy.org


Visit: https://community.mybb.com/thread-235669.html

Repo mirror

Git repo: https://github.com/danger89/duende-v3

  • Fully responsive, reworked all the templates making it fully responsive on mobile/tablet
  • Added "Latest threads" on front page
  • Improved loading times, using defer/async where possible! Using the preconnect meta tag for further performance gains
  • Fixed login form for MyBB 1.8.x
  • Improved icons
  • Cleaned-up inline Javascript, put as much as possible into main.js (loaded async)
  • Converted to HTML5 syntax, with valid doctype and robot meta tag
  • 1000+ styling fixes all across multiple CSS files
  • Fixed jQuery Tipsy
  • Homepage W3C validated (no HTML template failures only some obsolete warnings)
  • No dependencies towards CDNs