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Displays latest visitors and visit count on user profiles.

Project Details

Latest Visitors on Profiles adds a visitor log to the user profiles on your forum, and also adds an optional visitor counter that can be enabled or disabled, depending on your preferences. Visits will be displayed via a jquery popup, with the ability to load additional visits via ajax. Some of the features included in this plugin include:
  • Optional profile visits counter with support for visit caching (to prevent a single user from rapidly reloading the page to bump their statistics).
  • Jquery popup modal to display latest visits, with ajax "load more" functionality.
  • Support for invisible users (invisible users will only show to those who have permissions to view them).
  • Ability to configure how many results display in the popup box, whether users are logged to their own profiles, etc.
  • Ability to clear visit logs and to reset the visitor counter.
  • Ability to "expire" visitor logs to save database space.
  • Ability to configure which usergroups are logged on user profiles.

Note: this plugin requires at least MyBB 1.8.1 to be compatible. If you are using MyBB 1.8.0, please upgrade your installation of MyBB before installing this plugin.

Licensed under the GNU GPL, version 3. Click here for the official github repository for this project.


Darth Apple
2014-11-27, 03:51 AM
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2014-11-28, 02:25 AM
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