Staff Page

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Creates a page which contains manageable list of staff members.

Project Details

The plugin adds a manageable page with list of staff. It creates a list of staff and allows administrators to display members and group them as they like. The page can display description of groups and members set in ACP. Groups displayed on the page are independent from the forum's users groups. In other words, this plugin gives possibility to create a small staff directory, without using MyBB's groups.

By default this plugin is displayed instead of showteam.php page, but the replcamenet can be switched off in the board settings, if you wish to use both of them at once. In this case you will need to add a link to memberlist.php?action=staff by yourself, beucase the plugin only adds redirection.

Other information
All issues and suggestions can be reported on the GitHub repository page.
There's a link to MyBB Community Forums Thread.