Enhanced Account Switcher

by doylecc 14 Stars 2,897 Downloads

Attach and switch user accounts without logging out and in

Project Details

  • Based on the Plugin: Account Switcher 1.0 by Harest
  • Backward compatible with Account Switcher plugin (you can upgrade without uninstalling the old plugin and losing your attached accounts)
  • Several existing user accounts can be attached to one account
  • Switch between linked accounts without having to log out and in
  • Permissions depending on user groups (Usergroup settings in ACP)
  • Use of MyBB's cache system
  • Switch user links are displayed in header
  • Several further functions can be (de)activated in ACP:
    • Switch user box can additionally be displayed next to the Send Post Button
    • Post author can be altered afterwards (between attached accounts)
    • Display of attached users in profile
    • Header notice if an attached user got a new PM
    • Apply away status of the master account to all attached users
    • Page accountlist.php shows all master accounts and their attached users
    • Switch accounts from dropdown box without page reload
    • Show accounts in postbit
    • Share account with all users
    • Sort accounts by user id or alphabetically
    • Accounts in header can also be displayed as dropdown list. The setting can be found in ACP.
    • Option for "Change post author to any other user by team members"
New in version 2.0:
  • All html code was moved into templates (over 50 new templates were added) - no more editing php files for design customizations.
  • The Accountswitcher has got an own template group - edited templates can be reverted.
  • Unauthorized switch attempts are documented in the moderator log.
  • Attached accounts can be displayed in memberlist.
  • All open account lists in memberlist and postbits can be closed at once by doubleclicking outside the lists.
  • Every Account Switcher setting in ACP has a preview image.
  • The Plugin's template edits are inserted automatically when a new theme is added/imported.
  • Attached accounts can be displayed in a toggle sidebar.
  • Option to send PM's and/or alerts to old and new post author after author moderation by team members.
  • Mark scarcely used accounts as secondary
  • Username styles for shared and secondary accounts without changing user group
  • Avatars displayed on account list page
  • Display a profile field on accountlist page
  • MyAlerts 2.0 integration
  • Display overall post count of attached accounts in postbit
  • Hide account in account lists
  • Share account with buddy list only
  • Plugin debug information

For detailed install and upgrade instructions view the Readme.txt file.