XEM Fast Reputation

by XemiX 8 Stars 1,789 Downloads

This plugin allows you to easily and quickly evaluate posts (+/-) using a MyBB reputation system. Module known from IPB.

Project Details


XEM Fast Reputation is a plugin familiar to users of IPB, allows rapid evaluation of posts. This extension I use the built in MyBB reputation, so it quick and does not burden the server. Performs only one additional SQL query to retrieve and process information about liked posts. Evaluate the posts can be positive (+1) and negative (-1). We can always change your assessment of the post or cancel it completely.

Note! To plugin worked, MyBB reputation module must be activated in the ACP!

This plugin requires PHP version 5.4 or higher!


1. Upload files
- upload files from "upload" to your MyBB root directory

2. CSS
- add CSS into global.css from css.txt file

3. Install & activate
- Install and activate the plugin

This plugin requires PHP version 5.4 or higher!

Download always the latest build!

XEM Fast Reputation on GitHub

Support in MyBB Community