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Sends desktop notifications to user when someone quotes you, mentions, replies to your thread or when you receive a PM!

Project Details

This plugin sends desktop notifications to the user when there happens something on your forum. At this moment there are 4 triggers:
  • You are quoted
  • Someone replied in your topic
  • You are tagged (trough @Yourname)
  • You received a PM
When the user allows the plugin to send messages on his computer/browser, the user will receives desktop notifications trough our system.

But how does it works?
Because the plugin can not send any messages without your permission, we created a window with information and to be sure to have your permission to receive notifications. This window will only show up once. If you want to receive the message, you have to click on 'Request for messages' and get a browser-notification request. If the user allows it, the user can receive notifications/messages from the plugin. They will refresh automatically every minute.

[Image: 1.png]

Preview desktop notifications:
User got quoted:
[Image: 3.png]

User got tagged:
[Image: 4.png]

User replied in someone's topic:
[Image: 5.png]

User received a PM from someone:
[Image: 6.png]

How about the database?
What about it? It could get full? Don't worry! We added a task to the tasks. When a message has been read, the message will automatically remove itself every night.[Image: 7.png]

Download the plugin on this page!

Much more information?
Go to our website or the plugin page!


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