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GD [Graphics Draw] Stats Dynamic Signature From MyBB

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[1.8] Signature GD [Graphics Draw] Stats Dynamic Signature From MyBB

Signature GD :
Plugin in MyBB to develop to Generate Dynamic Stats From MyBB in Signature Performance  For the community Forum It is based on another plugin and the learning to development in MyBB. MyBB Statistics Signature

for the next version
  • Signature GD [Graphics Draw]
  • Add Template Select files
  • Add Avatar User
  • Performance Resize Images Signature GD to:       400 x 133 | 350 x 117 | 300 x 100
  • Performance with more user queries Stats MyBB
  • Performance for Users Select Type of Queris Display in Signature GD
  • Save image  file Signatures of users, File in Folder Root/Uploads/GdSignature

  • Add Conde Php GD and Performance the Plugin
  • Add code new image Smile
  • Add Avatar User
  • Performance with more query Stats MyBB
  • Performance for users, can select the Stats to View in your´s  Signature
  • More Info and Performance... In Coming Days!

Example Test On Line the Code:
- Signature GD | Stats Dynamic Signature From MyBB

- Mybb 1.8.5  

Signature GD:
- Download the Plugin And Upload all the files to MyBB Forum Software
- Actived The Plugin in ACP

Download Plugin:
In That Post Attachment

Upload the information to  plugin to Projects, (Pending approval).  

while watching the information moderators, Post the info in than forum, 
suggestions and comments are welcome!

Thanks in Advance!

I continued with my studies MyBB

Enjoy it!
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