Lock - Sell content in hide tags for newpoints

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Sell content in hide tags for newpoints points.

Project Details

Basically, I've seen people asking for something similar to this plugin; so I decided to make it.

With this plugin, your users will be able to set a price on content hidden with [hide] tags, and people will be able to buy it with the Newpoints currency.

Currently, the hide tag has three different states:

Pay to view:
[Image: ofhnkw.png]
[hide cost="1337"]
Pay to view this content.
With this state, users can set a price on their content; and when a buyer purchases the content, the owner gets the points that the buyer paid.

Reply to view:
[Image: ixxdtm.png]
Reply to view this content.
When a user doesn't set a price on their content, the content is hidden for users until they reply to the thread.

Login/register to view:
[Image: jvsfpy.png]
When a user isn't logged in, they're prompted to either login or register.

Want to give your hidden content a title? You can do that too:
[hide cost="1337" title="super secret content"]
Pay to view this content.

Still not convinced? Here's some more things that make this plugin great:
  1. Clean and commented code.
  2. Easy to install and use.
  3. Secure.
  4. Easily customisable (the hide tag wrapper is stored as an editable template)
  5. Easily configurable:
    [Image: vkkqlj.png]

Submit pull requests and issues on Github: https://github.com/neko/lock


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