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Allow you to use spoiler codebutton on editor for your forums.

Project Details

My spoiler is an advanced plugins who allows you to use mycode spoiler on your forums in thre ways:

[spoiler=title of spoiler]Here the content inside spoiler[/spoiler]

[spoiler="title of spoiler"]Here the content inside spoiler[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Here the content inside spoiler[/spoiler]

Adding button on sceditor and functinabillity and entire compatibillity for 1.8.x series, you have to use only on forums with the last MyBB release till now is 1.8.6 so i tested since first release and now i made public due to many suggestions on my forums.

It's a multilanguage file and fully customizable, add an stylesheet called spoiler.css and you can modify or customise as you wish on all senses, so i have to release here due some tests and helps on some other spoiler codes and plugins, we have working since 1.6.x series and all goes fine, when we update to 1.7 dev we have to make some code changes and finally after some released versions of MyBB we are proud to share with you our final projet to public due it's a very lightweight plugin but very usefull.

And finally here they are the plugin.

Thanks and enjoy it !!!


2015-11-28, 05:17 PM
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2021-01-28, 10:18 AM
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