CloudFlare Manager

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Manage CloudFlare settings

Project Details

This plugin works by connecting to the CloudFlare servers via their API system.

  • Overview: View information such as API URL, DNS Status, Zone ID, API key
  • Development Mode Ability to toggle development mode (which will disable CloudFlare's caching)

  • Manage Firewall: Ability to modify and delete firewall rules
  • Blacklist: Ability to add an IP to the CloudFlare blacklist
  • Challenge: Ability to add an IP to the CloudFlare challenge group (will show the user a captcha to complete)
  • IPv6 Support: Enable or disable the IPv6 Support

  • Cache Level: Ability to change the cache level to basic, simple or aggressive
  • Purge Cache: Ability to purge the full cache or certain files (which are inputted with URL's)

  • About Plugin: Show information such as original author and version
  • Check for updates: Check on GitHub to get the latest updates

  • Report Bug: Basically a link to GitHub issues
  • Security Level: Change the security level to one of the following: Essentially Off, Low, Medium, High, I'm Under Attack!

Report a bug or issue: