Moderator Notifications

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This plugin sends notifications to users in the event of moderators intervention

Project Details

This plugin sends notifications (private messages) to users in the event of moderators intervention. Administrator can choose user-sender ID and private message signature. 
 Private message can be sent at such events: 
  • open thread 
  • close thread 
  • sticky thread 
  • unsticky thread 
  • approve post 
  • unapprove post 
  • approve thread 
  • unapprove thread 
  • merge threads 
  • move thread 
  • copy thread 
  • redirect thread 
  • split thread 
  • change thread subject 
  • delete post 
  • delete poll 
  • delete post 
 Plugin automatically adds the task performed in the background. Notifications are queued and sent from up to 5 minute delay.