Which @mentions implementation would you prefer?
Include a full featured @mentions system within the core, and tie it into the alerts system
Adriano, alber soomro, andrewjs18, Ben, CKOne, Corey H, DarkEternity, Darkrad, DeepSea, Devilshakerz, DiegoPino, eNvy, Eric, Finer, Furiously, Ikerepc, isoldehn, JordanMussi, Josh H., jshort, Krugerz, Majcon, marcgo15, martec, s3_gunzel, Starpaul20, subzr1, tedem, User 26345, VirusZero, WallBB, YoshiOlly
32 69.57%
Create an 'official' plugin for @mentions, which is optional for forum owners to install and use
altreus, Ircher, kawaii, Lewis L, NoRules, NotAdmin, Novica, Peach, Serpius, Zaltom
10 21.74%
Develop the alerts system with a number of hooks, so that existing @mentions plugins can easily tie into it (though, this will happen anyway)
inferno211, laie_techie, RahulP, Wildcard
4 8.70%
Total: 46 vote(s) 100%