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Not Solved Calculating user postnum
Not Solved

I would like to modify the calculation for the postnum such that it is not updated when members make a post to a particular forum. I am very familiar with the php code but I have not been able to find the file where the postnum is being calculated and then updated to the database. Could you please direct me to that file or files? I've looked in functions_user, functions_post, newreply, newthread, and a number of others. I'm sure I'm just missing it but I thought it might be faster to just ask you.

I thank you.
Not Solved
From what I am reading, you want specific forums NOT to add to users' post counts? If so, it's easy.

In your Admin Control Panel, go to Forums & Posts -> Forum Management, locate the particular forum in question, and go to edit forum settings. Scroll all the way down to just above the quick permissions section and the last checkbox is for whether or not posts in the forum count towards post counts.
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Perfect! That was easy you were right.
I have another question on these lines. I also need to modify the following. I wonder if it will be that easy.

In User CP: Say we have forums 1 - 10. Under the heading: 'Your Latest Threads' I am changing the heading and I need to only show the threads from forum 5 and 6. On the heading labeled 'Find All Latest Threads' I am going to change that heading as well and I only want to pull up threads in froum 1-4 and 7-10. I was thinking I would need to modify the php code for this. Is there an easier way?
Thank you so much for being so prompt! :-)

I found the answer. I had to modify the query in search.php every time the query searched for threads and I just made sure the t.fid was not equal to the forums I did not want. Likewise in the usercp.php file I modified the query to ONLY send me the threads where the t.fid was equal to the threads I did want. That seems to make it do what I wished for.
Thank you.
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