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Not Solved [Upgrading] Sooo... I did something wrong.
Not Solved
Updated the files, per the instructions.

Went to the site and received this message:

MyBB Internal Error
MyBB has experienced an internal error and cannot continue.

Error Type:
MyBB Error (43)
Error Message:
The install directory (install/) still exists on your server and is not locked. To access MyBB please either remove this directory or create an empty file in it called 'lock'.

Created the file. Still no go.

Was also getting an Error (41).

I get that error on both the site page and the admin.

Set the CHMOD to the suggested settings and still no go.

Thanks for your help!

I was updating from 1.6.8 to 1.6.10. I did NOT realize until after the issue there were two sets of files as it was not noted in the initial update notice and that was found after some digging into the issue I was having. I DID try the correct group (full install, I believe?), but still did not get the site back.
Not Solved
Have you tried deleting the install directory at all? Or just creating a file? You don't need it after your forum is installed.

Also, see here: http://docs.mybb.com/Help-Common_Error_Messages.html
Not Solved
Did the file. Did not try deleting.

Just did it and Viola! Site is back up.

Thank you, Triexe!
Not Solved
No problem. Glad I could help. Enjoy your forums!
Not Solved
Another question: Do I need to change the CHMOD items I needed to edit or are they OK as 666/777?
Not Solved
Refer to this: http://docs.mybb.com/CHMOD_Files.html

It should answer all your questions about CHMOD.
Not Solved
Read that... What it doesn't tell me is do I need to change them to something else once things are working again.
Not Solved
If I remember correctly, after you install your board, you can change the settings back. It's not mandatory though.
Not Solved
Thanks again!
Not Solved
certain files & folders need to be writable for smooth functioning of MyBB. check the report at bottom of tools & maintenance section
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