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How to stop spam/bots
OK. ATM I have this addons on my forum

[Image: r9wUv13.png]

and those bots are still able to register on my forum

[Image: uEQtlZ2.png]

What else should I do? Those are my sequrity questions

Can anyone help?
Change the default question of the plugin Security Question, and install Checkbox Validation.
In General Configuration>>CAPTCHA Images for Registration & Posting change to reCAPTCHA
Can you tell me is this OK now?

[Image: Z7X244k.png]

I Installed Checkbox Validation but I did not had problem with that bots posting something on my forum... They just register and don't write anything so I think the main problem is with registration Smile
Do you have a Category or Forum topic titled: General Discussion ?
All the spam posts have posted in a category forum titled "General Discussions" on my board and nowhere else.
I use Checkbox Validation to my website, and when I use it, I don't see any bots. The plugin act also on the registration page.

For the questions, yes, better
I made a thread about it too, it seems there is some kind of exploit or bypass that these guys are exploiting that is letting them through.

I am not the only one.

The only plugin that has reduced registrations is FASSIM stop spam, I got the api key and so far down to 1 to 2 registrations.

The stop forum spam plugin doesnt work... the custom security question plugin doesnt work (shows like no attempts even new questions i recently made they are being bypassed somehow).

So yeah.. there's something going on.. and i hope mybb and the plugin developers find out soon cause this SUCKS
No spam so far.
At first I made all the questions gibberish and the answers gibberish.
That stopped it completely.

I changed a couple of the security questions to make sense - like what letter comes after M and before O ?
Also, I activated the built-in Askmet plugin.

Still no spam.

I will gradually add security questions to see what works.
The Checkbox Validation doesn't seem like it would help much. There are only 10 possible answers, so randomly choosing one would let 10% of attempts through.
I did not had problem with bot-posting. I had problem with bot-registering Wink

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