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(2014-07-23, 01:22 PM)Tom K. Wrote: * Tom K. wonders if this is an indication of a weekend release? 0_0

* JordanMussi says 1.8.0 will be released when it's ready. *cough* *cough*
* Eric has a feeling we'll get 1.8 on August 3rd.
* dragonexpert took a typing test.

* dragonexpert gives the Results:
Result Screenshot
Words per minute (WPM) 72
Keystrokes 362
(362 | 0)
Correct words 69
Wrong words 0
You are better than 90.88% of all users (position 12638 of 138603 - last 24 hours)
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* Eric thinks the subject got changed

* Eric took a typing test too

Words per minute (WPM) 91
Keystrokes 457
(457 | 0)
Correct words 87
Wrong words 0
You are better than 96.79% of all users (position 4433 of 138171 - last 24 hours)
* JordanMussi has a cold *cough* *cough Sad
wink wink
* JordanMussi states it's very annoying...
* faviouz hates getting colds in the summer.
* Paul H. strongly suggests those looking for a release date look at previous patterns.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
(2014-07-23, 08:19 PM)Paul H. Wrote: * Paul H. strongly suggests those looking for a release date look at previous patterns.

* JordanMussi likes this one:
[Image: using_patterns_0.png]
* Josh H. has installed OS X Yosemite Beta.

* Josh H. says it makes almost everything look better, even apps that weren't specifically updated for the upgrade in any way.

* Josh H. states that Safari also has some very smooth rendering, especially if you're resizing your window rapidly.
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* mmadhankumar wonders why this thread "mostly" get replies from current/former team and not from general members

* mmadhankumar thinks many member are not aware that there are sections which aren't listed in search

* mmadhankumar completes 666 posts and suddenly realizes its connection with bad omen

* mmadhankumar will Google it Toungue


* mmadhankumar was scared when the post count didn't increase and remained at 666 after making this post

* mmadhankumar confirms its a bad omen

* mmadhankumar slaps himself for being stupid and explains himself the possible reasonBig Grin
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