Solved: 7 Years, 8 Months ago Moderation for Guest group
Solved: 7 Years, 8 Months ago
Hello, I cannot seem to make this work...

1. I have a public forum, but guests could not post new threads. I decided I actually wanted Guests to be able to post, but I wanted to moderate those new threads.

2. Went into Admin and changed the permissions in Guests to "Moderate new threads" and Moderate new posts."

3. A spammer subsequently posted a thread for all to see....totally bypassed moderation.

4. Went to Admin and see that my two moderation selections did not take. So I put them in again and saved it, but when going back into the settings, the moderation buttons ARE NOT SAVED and show blank!

5. Decided to go into the database and I manually changed the settings from 0 to one such that Guest posts would have to be moderated.

6. I just tried to post a thread as a guest, and I was appears WITHOUT MODERATION!


I can't get it to a) allow Guest to post AND b) mandatory moderation of just the Guest's posts.

FYI, I am still running 1.8.1
Solved: 7 Years, 8 Months ago
(2015-05-30, 08:40 PM)ndc Wrote: FYI, I am still running 1.8.1

And here is your problem.. 2 moderation bugs were fixed in latter versions. And you should upgrade to the latest version regardless of bugs to keep your forum secure.
Solved: 7 Years, 8 Months ago
NEVER MIND! It seems to be working now for some reason....I haven't changed anything but it now works.

I tried to delete this post, but could not. Sorry, but I have no issues anymore.

Yes, I am planning the upgrade, but am waiting until after a big function because one time my upgrade went terribly wrong. Thanks for the response!
Solved: 7 Years, 8 Months ago
You do not need to delete the thread, just mark it as solved Big Grin

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