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[Rejected] More options for not permitted forums
Feature Suggestion/Enhancement: More options for not permitted forums

1) There should be an option to really lock a forum so that you can see it but not enter it.

2) There should be an option to show counters and last post date for locked forums.

To illustrate what I think should be possible, I added image examples, see Post #6 in this thread.

Expected functionality

1) Everyone knows exactly just from looking to what forum he is permitted and to which he is not. If he should see it but not read the content, he is simply locked out.

2) Counters and last posting date are important information für outsiders to decide if the locked forum is still active. e. g. if they are deciding if they want to join the board.

Any additional notes

With the status now I have to edit functions_forumlist.php and re-edit every update, because there are vital changes that cannot be done with a plugin. I (and others) would be very grateful if this re-editing would be unnecessary in the future. Smile
This can just be achieved with permissions? Don't see why this would need to be implemented.

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How can this be archieved with permissions?

Counters are not counted in functions_forumlist.php if you are not permitted in a forum. And lastdate of post is also empty.
(2015-06-14, 09:05 PM)Amaryllion Wrote: How can this be archieved with permissions?

Just remove posting permissions and leave viewing permissions. Or uncheck the "Forum is Open?" option. It's been possible in MyBB for a very long time and you can even see a live example on this forum:
Well... in your exaple I can enter "Archived Forums". And all subforums, too.
But I do not want someone to enter the forum. Just to see that it exists and the date of the last post. And the counters.
Perhaps I did not choose the correct title or perhaps I did not clarify what I meant.
To illustrate what I think should be possible, I added these examples:

View of a forum for members of groups that are permitted to enter the forum:

View of the same forum for members of groups that are NOT permitted to enter the forum:

I am pretty sure that this is not possible with mybb yet.
I disagree with this because of the privacy issues that can arise from it. I know I wouldn't want any information from staff forums to be visible. Not the number of topics, or what the last topic posted in was. It is simply not that users business.
Well, and I do not want to let guests enter a forum they are not allowed to. Why do I have to hide everything that should not be entered?

Why can't there be an adjustment/option if somebody wants to tell others how many posts there are and when the last one was posted? Opt-In, if you have concerns. In your board there may be only staff forums affected. You can hide these and everything is fine. In many (RPG-) boards there are (for guests) locked areas where others (external partners or potential players) have to be able to see from these essential forums, if the whole board is still active or not. "last Action: {date}" is the information that is interesting for everybody who wants to know if it is worth to register or not.

Another privacy issue arises anyway, because one can not lock a new visible forum properly for a group and has to enter the permissions twice: First set guests to "can see", save, and second: switch "can read threads" off. And after that every guest can enter the forum and sees the message "there are no threads" and this information is definitly not true.
Since I was looking since some days for exactly this issue, to helb my forum make it more interessing for possible RPG-Players, I found this question and I would like to say, I have exactly the same issue/problem and wish as Amarylion.

I would like to have an option so I can give the permission to see, that there is activity within the RP-Forum, without having guests read all the context.
Well, this really is something that cannot be archieved through a plugin. I see a need for this in many RPG forums. Isn't there a possibility for implementing an option like this?

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