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Not Solved [Error Message] Forum is not coming up!
Not Solved

I am looking for help, I hope You guys will make me happy and have a great MyBB experience!

I have this error, when I go to my forum: [Image: uqeD73a.png]
I just started this forum, It has been always like this.
What should I do?
Yes I have FTP, and its connected.
If I'm allowed, I could give you the address of my forums, so You can see the error in ur own computer Smile 

Please help! Smile
Not Solved
are you using Maria Database ? if so see this
Not Solved
I'm using  Hostinger

I came so far!
New error: [Image: 2GicpNe.png]
Not Solved
^ create a file with name lock in the install folder of your MyBB files server
Not Solved
Thanks, now I have another problem, after I created the new file:
[Image: JZTgpoY.png]
Not Solved
visit forumURL/install/upgrade.php (through web browser) and follow the instructions to upgrade your forum !
Not Solved
I had to delete the file "lock", I did that, logged in and updated the newest update!
Now comes this: [Image: bU7XwY5.png]
Not Solved
is that error shown when you visited forum url ? is the upgrading completed without any issues ?
Not Solved
when I visited the forums, it says again about the "/install" folder "lock" fail, that I should create one, but I had to delete that, to upgrade.
No problems came, while I was upgrading. "Performing necessary upgrade queries...

Click next to continue with the upgrade process."

Other 2 upgrades, said successful, carry on.
Not Solved
if direct help required & if you can wait a couple of hours then you may PM me temporary access
to your forum admin panel (if required, give your own credentials) & web host panel (access to database)
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