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Not Solved [General] "Post a new thread" is bugged
Not Solved
Hello lovely MyBB community,

If other people or me want to post a new thread, they get the message field bugged...
Instead of the "Message field" there is now shown the text edit stuff like "bold, italic, insert image, ...."

I attached a screenshot. Forum Link: >Click me<

Would be glad if someone might know a solution for this issue, or atleast could tell me where I can edit this in the ACP. Toungue

Hope you all enjoy your day!  Cool  

- Tino

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Not Solved
powered by MyBB back link to MyBB site is missing. please add it back to receive support from this community.
see support eligibility policy

Edit: which theme you are using ? please also add back theme coder's copyright.
Not Solved
Done Smile
Not Solved
change editor style at the theme properties in forum admin panel & check if editor works
Not Solved
Works! Thanks for the fast help


Solution for other people: ACP > Templates & Styles > Themes > Scroll down and change "Editor Style" to Square
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