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Not Solved Mybb forum keeps crashing. 404 not found error
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So i have this problem, I setup my forum did all that was needed in the installation guide, as soon as I tried to go to the forum it did not work, I thought it could of been my recently changed dns. so I came back after 16 hours. And i tried again, but the same thing happened, after refershing my browser and clearing my cache, the forum showed up, so went in and installed a new theme, it seemed to work for 15-20 mins but soon after the same thing happened, the 404 error came up. And now it just happens all the time, I change one thing and a 404 error comes up.

see for yourself.


Quick note, I use a dedicated 32gb server from ovh, and I used A records in godaddy to point to the server IP.
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Seems to work fine it seems to be because http://www.minecrafthardcore.com/Forum/ is your URL but your links when I click on them take me to it without the /forum part

You need to have the /forum in your domain because of the way you set it up so edit your site links so it's like


Instead of

This is why your getting the 404 error when you click on the forums button cause your missing that /forum/ part in the URL
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