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Not Solved Font Problem
Not Solved
Hey guys. 
Seems like my forum does not contain font types. Even the font types available in the post box do not work.
For example I can use the font Impact here easily

However, when i try to do the same thing in my forum i see it this way:


I dont know much about coding but i ve been searching related threads. People usually talk about editor.js file... I searched for it using filezilla but such a file does not exist. Do you have any ideas how i can get the fonts back / add other fonts without using editor.js
Not Solved
forum admin panel >> Configuration [Settings] >> Clickable Smilies and BB Code >>
Allow Font MyCode --> is it set to yes ?
Not Solved
Yes, it is.
Not Solved
run file verification tool from below location. what does it report ?
admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> file verification
ignore reported images & ignore files reported from install folder & its sub-folders

And provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check it
Not Solved

The red files are changed and the last two files are missing.

FORUM URL: http://non-serviam.org/index.php

ID: Mybbtest
Password: testacc123

I also posted a thread for a better explanation here:
Not Solved
rename ~/inc/class_parser.php file as class_parser.php.old file and
upload this class_parser.php file to inc folder of your files server

then check if font tags work fine
Not Solved
good news: font problem solved

bad news: now i cant see any url, image, gif in the posts and signatures... they are all invisible
Not Solved
okay - can you try using this class_parser.php file & check
Not Solved
ok, it works great!

thank you very much for your support (:
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