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19 30.65%
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DVZ MinimalEditor
1 1.61%
Homebrew/Custom Editor
17 27.42%
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Editor Discussion
(2019-06-05, 07:41 PM)martec Wrote: sorry but please no...
use js to convert html to bbcode is worst choice....
It can be done either on client-side or on server-side. Both ways have their advantages. TinyMCE for example shows BBCode in source code mode instead of HTML: https://www.tiny.cloud/docs/plugins/bbcode/#liveexample
(2019-06-05, 07:55 PM)Euan T Wrote: We're already planning on using TextFormatter, we've been planning that for a while. It's what we use for the 2.0 parser too.
Last time I checked it TextFormatter was considerably slower than the existing parser.
(2019-06-06, 07:03 AM)codedude Wrote: Reddit, steamgifts forum, raddle, flarum, etc. uses markdown. It is very popular nowadays and bbcodes are getting old.
With a good editor it would barely matter. I personally think Markdown support shouldn't be in core because it makes things just more complex (editor, custom codes,...).
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(2019-06-06, 04:34 AM)effone Wrote:
(2019-06-06, 04:05 AM)labrocca Wrote: You guys are crazy.  Sometimes I just wonder where your heads are at.

I take it as a complement. The craze you mentioned perhaps helped making MyBB a reality.
I just checked, at least my head is still just above my shoulder Toungue

The markdown support will be a parallel module and can be easily disabled for those who don't want it at all.
markdown is a relatively fast markup to place. Those who use bbcodes already they find markdown easier to write.
I also think that it is something out of context, for now: it is not that convenient for forum owners replace it with BBCode that is the universal markup language of every forum software. Also I'm not seeing any easy way to support both of them for running boards without double parsing the data, probably it needs a delicate rebuild of all type of messages with a converter compatible with MyBB parser. It needs a plugin before inserting it in the core imho.

Btw, at this point, I really think that this pool should be based on two options: BBCode Editor with DVZ and Euan preview integration / WYSIWYG and BBCode Editor (I do not think that it is a problem to integrate both preview integrations with a setting). Possibly explaining in layman's terms the advantages and disadvantages of both options, since some users, having no clear informations, is voting just for the appearance. Then, in accordance to the results of the survey, MyBB Team should choose the best option to achieve something that works, easy to integrate, lightweight and with the possibility to add easily custom commands on it. Probably half of the listed editors are not that convenient to integrate (starting from Redactor).
(2019-06-06, 04:05 AM)labrocca Wrote: 1. I don't think it's very popular outside tech areas.

That's actually not true. With the rise of Discord you now have millions of younger people/kids using Markdown on a near daily basis.


So pretty soon you're going to have a generation of users who don't have a clue what 'BBCode' is and asking you "how to do the fancy text like on the Discord?".

The future is great, huh? Wink
My problem with Markdown is that everyone has their own flavour of it.
Even things as basic as ** could mean italics in one system or bold in another.

If it's optional, then I guess it's fine.

As for places it's used, I believe YouTube also supports Markdown.
(2019-06-06, 09:01 AM)Azah Wrote: My problem with Markdown is that everyone has their own flavour of it.

Pretty much; no standards for markdown.
(2019-06-06, 10:10 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: Pretty much; no standards for markdown.

Agreed. But this might be the followed spec:
(2019-06-06, 10:23 AM)effone Wrote:
(2019-06-06, 10:10 AM)Ben Cousins Wrote: Pretty much; no standards for markdown.

Agreed. But this might be the followed spec:
I haven't looked at CommonMark in a while, but it's contradicted (last I checked, that was many years ago, so please don't shoot me too badly, if it's changed lol) by Discord and YouTube, which are far more significant sites than Github, StackOverflow and Discourse.

It's very annoying in a way, as Jeff Atwood tried to work with the creator of Markdown on a standard and he just gave him the middle finger.
LOL people actually voted for a custom editor.

The editor is the core part of discussion software. Please get the best and most expensive option. PLEASE.
(2019-06-05, 04:00 PM)Euan T Wrote:
(2019-06-05, 02:30 PM)Serpius Wrote: Now, I see it... I totally missed that little option at the top... sighs.

[Image: 76fd379c3d75c93cd8fccb223015e8f9.png]

Yeah, the UI on polls is kinda nasty...

It's a bit better in 1.9 Wink

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