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Responsive and Newly Stylish MyBB Theme [Premium]
Hot and Fresh new built MyBB theme by me
1. Responsive across all platform
2. Retina Display
3. S.E.O Supported
4. Code Neatly
5. Sidebar

Price: $15

If you wanna buy call or Whatsapp me for Negotiation
Multiple <head> sections with multiple doctype declarations ?
What goes around comes around
(2019-11-22, 07:48 PM)Ashley1 Wrote: Multiple <head> sections with multiple doctype declarations ?
You mean???
Quote:Responsive and Newly Stylish MyBB Theme [Premium]
A big compliment for your interest in MyBB and your startup in design development.

But I am very sorry guy, your theme ...
- is not [Premium],
- is lacking to be stylish,
- has a bunch of faults and code bugs!
- is still using <table> elements that is not common in respnsive design

Maybe you can take the chance to crack into HTML, CSS, templates and design standards more and more to just gain yet another experience. This will may lead you to a great theme some day.
Please do not offer this "development" for a price.


Who cares, whether anything is "Retina Display"-ready.
"Retina" means nothing!!! It's just a trade mark name with no technical orientation neither a technology.
Mentioning this as a feature, makes it less credibly!
[Image: logo_wernicke_8040.png]
MyBB Forum + innovative full-responsive Theme
How can a website be legit if its name is part of a human sex activity?
I'm Serpius and You're Not    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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