[Services Request] I need to Hire a MyBB Consultant to create & launch Forum Site
Hello MyBB Consultants, Techs & Gurus,

I want to start a Forum Website using MyBB software.   I need someone to set it up & configure things for me now … as well as be available for future changes, updates & ongoing system administration. 

I have outlined what I need done below, so you can give me an accurate flat rate quote to create & launch the site.  I don’t like surprises and I don’t want to surprise you either.  So, if later on, I want additional things done, or changes, I’ll expect to pay you for them. 

1.     I’ll purchase the Domain name from NameCheap.com, along with WhoisGuard Privacy Protection & an SSL Certificate Service. There are many affordable options for hosting.  Let me know what makes this project easiest for you.  

2.     I want to use this Flat Theme:  https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=930  and …
  a.     Place background (I already have) as the header.
  b.     Place the Logo I have on the left side of the header background
  c.      Insert rotating 1 banner ad at the top of the forums, just to the right of the Logo.  Probably 728x90 or something like that, with 6-10 banner ads in rotation. I need it to work with .GIF banner ads that change. 
  d.     Insert a column of small banner ads on the left side of the page, like this website HERE:  https://lateral-g.net/forums/  Probably 128x60 or something like that.  Non-rotating.  Must work with .GIF banner ads that change. 

3.     I want anyone to be able to view the Forums, but only Members to create new threads or post replies. 

4.     Since Members will be clients only, I need to vet them before they can post.  So, I want them to “Apply” & the system to email me to review their info to approve or decline. 

5.     Members need to be able to upload photos, as well as paste in links of photos and common variations of online videos. 

6.     When Members log in, I want them to be able see the latest posts, since their last visit.

7.     In the Layout, I want 3 Forum Categories & 15 Forum Topics.  I have a list.

8.     Need automatic backups monthly. 

9.     I need to be trained on how to:
  a.     Navigate the AdminCP
  b.     Lock, edit or delete posts & threads
  c.      Setup or Change banner ads
  d.     Setup or Change registration requirements
  e.     Setup or Change photo requirements
  f.       Setup or Change Moderators

Please message me with:

  A.     Flat rate quote to create the Forum website as outlined above & launch it. 
  B.     A quote to provide ongoing admin services on a monthly basis. 
  C.     Samples of Other MyBB Forums you have created.
  D.    Your full name, phone # & email address.

Thanks in advance!!!

Edit: Payment can be Check or Credit Card / I don't do Paypal.
You should include your preferred payment method.
(2020-03-16, 12:36 AM)RonSutton Wrote: Hi Ron,

I can assist you in Creating a forum.
PM sent, please check.

Maria J
OP, I recommend you do it all yourself. What you listed is great and should be able to be accomplished even by a noob with no MyBB experience but 1/2 a brain about a week or maybe two. By doing it yourself with only help from the community forums you'll learn about MyBB and how easy it is to manage. You will not need to rely on paying someone for simple functions.

Your list is the best btw, Very thorough on what you're going to do and need. Don't be afraid of the process, it's not too bad. Lots of help here if you just ask in an intelligent manner.
(2020-03-16, 03:10 AM)WallBB Wrote: You should include your preferred payment method.

Okie Dokie.  Added above in red.

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