Discuss: MyBB 1.4.4 Released - Maintenance & Security Release
(2008-11-27, 12:33 PM)labrocca Wrote: I just hate to find them twice.

Absolutely agree !
I have reported the ADminCP search by IP bug from the beggining of 1.4, and till 1.4.4 every release it's written that was fixed, but in real it is not.

I understand that is a lot of work, but they should not release if they do not verify that all fixes are working.

It is better to wait 1 more week for normal release, than after releasing to post again every bug ...
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Quick Reply hang seems to be worse... I never experienced it before until today. Sad
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guys I have mybb 1.4.3
to upgrade do I have to change all the files ?? or just do those small changements? and are they enough? I mean is that all??
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You need all the files in this post: http://community.mybboard.net/thread-410...#pid276263
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(2008-11-27, 10:34 AM)labrocca Wrote: #40229 - Quick Reply Problem With Hanging [R] [C-Michael83]

That's not applied. Seriously...what's up? Seems every release now has a fix within a few hours so that those who do immediately download suffer.

I posted in bug reports but boy..it's 2:30am. I have 3 more sites I want to upgrade but I bet I have to wake up and do it again because there is stuff missing. Is there a problem making sure the release includes all the fixed? Both the full download and the changed files still have that bug. And this I noticed within 30 seconds of updating. So what else is missing that's marked as fixed and not actually fixed?

EDIT: Found another immediate bug which I have reported.
I'm warried too...
Meanwhile many italian users have decided to no post anymore bug.
They think MyBB Group don't consider enough they're bug reports.
It's no good!
(2008-11-27, 01:48 PM)KuJoe Wrote: Quick Reply hang seems to be worse... I never experienced it before until today. Sad

Here is the fix..
Is in MyBB 1.4.3
Plz Fix in the next review!
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Hahaha... I was like.... Urgh... I was scared because I didn't read the first post in the announcement properly. I've uploaded all changed files and whew, everything's all right without running the upgrade script Smile
Umm...there is no 1.4.3 option.
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use 1.4.2, thats what i did.
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All of the aforementioned problems have been fixed. The following files have been updated:
  • inc/functions.php (just the quick reply fix)
  • install/upgrade14.php (to display 1.4.3 instead of 1.4.2)
  • moderation.php (to fix the IP Address: Logged no permissions error)

If you've already upgraded all you have to do is simply upload the updated inc/functions.php and moderation.php files.

We apologize for any inconvenience this caused you. Obviously we would love to make a perfect release but we are:
  • Not paid
  • A small team
  • Have jobs, school, and other things in our lives
  • Are just human - we make mistakes as well

Obviously it is not our intention to push these releases with problems, so we do again apologize for any inconvenience we have caused.

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