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vbulletin 3.7 support
(2008-10-02, 05:22 AM)monacelli Wrote:
(2008-10-01, 11:08 PM)Ryan Gordon Wrote: monacelli, your forum could greatly assist us in testing the vB module for the Merge System? Would it be possible to use it for testing (Obviously we wouldn't use your live forum)

Indeed, that would be a possibility. I will PM you for further details.
Great, thanks monacelli Big Grin
I also have a vb 3.7 forum that needs to be converted.
I just posted about this and want to transfer also I tried to use the converter with 3.7.3 but it didn't transfer the threads or the post I have my thread started here. So it sounds to me like I will have to wait correct?
There were a lot of changes in vb 3.7, so probably this is the reason why the convert wasn't successful. you/we'll have to wait until the upgraded version of the merge system is released.
Any updates on this?
There is support for vB 3.7 in the SVN Snapshot for 1.4.
great finally out !!!
i'll try to move my vbulletin database on mybb now!
I just converted my 3.7.4 board to MyBB 1.44 but the forum names and descriptions didn't copy over.

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Sounds like an error with getting the names and categories from the vBulletin database
I just noticed I posted in the 1.2 Merge System section, can you move my post to the 1.4 area?
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