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[1.4.x/1.6.x] Thank You/Like System v1.5 (Updated: 10/26/2011)
Very nice Smile I have already modified a Thanks system to my preferences, but if it fails me I'll be sure to use this one Big Grin
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Well, the plugin is slow with the Thank :/

I test it on other board.
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(2009-11-15, 12:34 AM)Rafael Wrote: Well, the plugin is slow with the Thank :/

I test it on other board.

I've tested it and I don't have any speed problems with it. Perhaps its something else installed on your board. Another plugin causing incompatibility. Like maybe another thank you plugin lol.

I found this out: its possible for a deactivated plugin to cause compatibility issues (one where deactivating is also uninstalling). We had this happen when I was writing my SideBox plugin, my tester had Labrocca's and it was deactivated, but still caused issues. So I'd look at the other plugins you have installed before blaming it on just this plugin.
(2009-11-15, 12:34 AM)Rafael Wrote: Well, the plugin is slow with the Thank :/

I test it on other board.

I suggest you check your server for the speed issues.

For those who say its slow please check your systems for any bottlenecks. Here is a capture of the plugin on my system, it is not slow.
Yeah G33K, thats what I get too. Responds very fast. Possibly its the user's computer though, as in the javascript is executing slowly. Which would be on his end and happen no matter where he was at server/sitewise.
any site where this plugin work fine

i use the thank system and the postbi classic
ok i testet in my test forum and this is amazing O.O

you can retirate the loading image
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can't download the plug-in its saying link broken...please update
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(2009-11-15, 06:30 AM)T0m Wrote:

can't download,it saying "Oops! This link appears to be broken." please do something...btw I am from India.
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Yeah, nice Free One mod. Finally Wink

Currently, I use Zaher1988 Thank You mod, on my big forum for a long time.
Now, I will try - G33K - mod's.
Sure, I will modified and change the original purpose your mod as "Dont Like" (Lame Post).
And test the performance, since my last Lame Post by skywalker2208 mod's failed on my forum Smile
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