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Integrate MyBB with Membership db?
I have read a few threads asking how to integrate MyBB's db with a member site so users only have one password. Has anyone done this?

We have an existing membership db and rather have them sign up for the forum I would like to use the existing db.

Future home of the forum:
If you're willing to pay for a custom plugin, probably. But it really depends on how your existing db is setup too. MyBB still needs its fields... but with a custom plugin can read username and password from the existing db.

Oh, and hey!! That's Michigan!! I live in MI... unless you're on the Canadian side of the SOO Wink
Thanks ralgith,
Actually I am just starting on the membership side of the db so I don't really have one in place yet.

I am on the Canadian side - Soo, Ontario. Why where are you in Soo MI?
(05-31-2010, 01:13 AM)ralgith Wrote: ...But it really depends on how your existing db is setup too....
Ralgith is correct that there is no simple solution.

You have two (or 3) major topics:
1) SSO (Single-sign-on)
2) User-sync & Updates

1) SSO (Single-sign-on)
SSO with MyBB is actually pretty easy* thanks to phpDave / Welcome to the MyBB Integrator and / or create a plugin which hooks into the MyBB login system and figure out how to securely pass the data to your other site.

*ps. Dual-logout is fun too. Toungue

2) User-sync:
New registration isn't too hard, but...
>>> Updating password changes, email changes, user-groups & permissions, etc? --> Suddenly, paying someone for a "complete solution" starts to look like an option.
MyBB is the best forum software! Exclamation


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