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My Forum?
Seems disorganized and you have a couple grammar errors you might want to fix.
(2010-06-01, 04:43 AM)SkyLineRxx Wrote: Today, 04:23 AM (This post was last modified: Today 04:38 AM by SkyLineRxx.)

Today, 04:39 AM
Angel C Wrote:I hope this gets deleted... and snip link

Seems like I was ahead of you before you post did or edit it.

Haha, its sad how you posted the adf link in the frist place and change it ^.-
But did you click on it?
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Fun Community!
(2010-06-01, 04:46 AM)SkyLineRxx Wrote: But did you click on it?

Wow... nothing els to say
60+ forums is to many. Drop it down to 20 or so until you start to get some posts. Hint: Don't add sub-forum before you need them, it's better to add them later and move topics to them so they aren't empty than to have all of them empty at the beginning.
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1. The overall design is pleasant. So far this doesn't require modification.
2. "welcome guest" area is empty. It's a good idea to give people some sort of presentation of the site, so that they know what your forums are about.
3. ditch the chat area. You don't need it in a forum. It's a forum to discuss, the chat is just a distraction. And it would take the talk from the forums thus hampering your development.
4. Way too many categories. You need to have 2-3 main ones and then grow others as soon as you reach some topics.
5. you don't have topics. Your job as an administrator is to start 4-5 topics (at least) EACH DAY. Otherwise you're looking at some empty forums for many months to come.
6. try post exchanges, even paid forum posting to kick-start the community. Or create 2-3 accounts of your own (no one has to know it's you) and start talking "to yourself". Starting a community now is harder than before. These tricks, even if some might frown upon, are super to get that first action moving. No one joins empty forums, this is your main issue now.

Best of luck with the forums Smile
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