How to change hosts successfully
Okay, I ran this today, and hit virtually most of the snags people seemed to have hit on here. So, and yes, odd that this is my first post, I would like to make the process a bit clearer for some people who may have ran into some issues here.

Here's what needs to be edited in inc/config.php:
$config['database']['database'] = 'new_datebase_name';
$config['database']['username'] = 'new_datebase_username';
$config['database']['password'] = 'new_password';

$config['database']['hostname'] may need to be changed as well

And, because the original poster didn't state specifics on what should be changed in the inc/settings.php file, here are the things to look for to change in the code:
--- Critical --- 
$settings['bburl'] = "";
$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";

--- Can change now or in AdminCP later ---
$settings['bbname'] = "New Forum Name (if it changed)";
$settings['contactlink'] = "mailto:[email protected]"; (if contact info changed)
$settings['homeurl'] = "";
Those are the specifics that I found needed to be changed.

Now, people have mentioned getting an Error 1146 upon trying to access the forums on their new domain. I encountered this too. What it most likely means is that the backup of the database wasn't properly loaded in phpMyAdmin. This happened to me when phpMyAdmin failed to completely load the backup I had imported. I merely had to delete the incomplete log that had been created and upload the backup again.

Then, I encountered a new error. I went to the new location for my forums, and now it was allowing me in! Success! However, the site was entirely without CSS styles! It was just black text aligned on a white background, no images either. This occurred because I had made a typo in my settings.php file when writing in the URL. Apparently, if you do this, the forum loads, but without anything the pages are <meta> linked to. So, yeah, don't ever have a typo in the URL. Toungue

Then I had the issue with the AdminCP locking me out every time I clicked a link, and found that I had forgotten to change the cookie domain in my settings.php file.

So, for future reference, if people have these issues again, there are the causes and probable solutions.
Hope this helps someone. Oh, and if I'm totally off to be posting this here, my mistake Smile.
This is a simply outstanding, brilliant post by Inferno. Extremely well written, by a person who obviously understands novice users like me. I followed instructions to the letter, and presto - my board is up on a new hosting service provider, with just a few glitches that I could sort out on my own!

Hats off, brilliant stuff, may there be more like the author, all round...

Many million thanks.

(2010-09-10, 10:19 PM)Aaron23 Wrote: What is cookie domain for Hostgator & what is path?

The host doesn't affect what your cookie settings should be.

This should help you get them right - Smile
(2010-09-10, 10:24 PM)AJS Wrote:
(2010-09-10, 10:19 PM)Aaron23 Wrote: What is cookie domain for Hostgator & what is path?

The host doesn't affect what your cookie settings should be.

This should help you get them right - Smile

Disregard my previous posts, I fixed the issue.
awesome. thanks
Well I uploaded the sql file from the old host and went into the new host file manager and saw none of my files where there do I need to upload the old files? such as admin, inc, etc
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hmm.. If I didn't close my forum, then can I get backup? Is there any problem by doing this? - Domain Names, Best Web Hosting - $8.95 .com Domain
If you can access your forum and/or your hosting, then yes.
this tutorial does not work. I did everything step by step and my forums is gone i have nothing. i invested everything i had on my site and now its completely gone. my users guaranteed will not come back after this.

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